About LaPetiteTraveller

Love love love travelling, to be awed by natural wonders, to be wowed by man made structures, to experience various cultures, to enjoy local delicacies and to be humbled by Mother Nature. Most importantly, as a reminder to self that my world is minuscule compared to the world out there.

I’m Singaporean and hence have been to a few cities in Asia such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta (school trip during my teens), Maldives, Kyoto and Osaka. Travelling in Asia is usually quite safe and hence it was a bit of a culture shock when I decided to venture to North America and Europe. Reading about safety in these two continents can and does make one paranoid but I figured one does need to use the common sense. A lot! So, between these two continents, I have been to Vancouver, Seattle (just for a bit of outlet shopping), San Francisco, Denver, New York City, Buffalo (for the Niagara Falls), Paris, Provence and Prague. And the more I see, the more I want to travel! The world is HUGE! At the moment, my favorite continent is Europe! And I have finally been to Bali!! 😀

I would love to see all the natural wonders in the world and hope I’ll be lucky enough to do that. Natural sights never fail to amaze and humble me. As to Europe, I love to see the architecture, all those structures that have withstood the test of time. On a side note, for Asians, quite a number of them join tours for their travels but I am not the type who goes for that. Tours simply rush people from one spot to another; it is just seeing the sights and not feeling the essence of the area. I love to stay in a city for days and taking my time to let the city get into me. Maybe its the knowledge that the world is so big, and I might not be able to return to the place where I have been. As such, I would really like to take the time to really see and experience the places I’ve been to. Oddly though, for places where I know I will return again (like Paris!), I tend to rush a bit because I’m worried I might not have the time to cover what I wanted to cover during the current trip. I know, I should just go with the flow and enjoy!

My travel companion is usually my husband. I love love love travelling with him. He lets me plan the itinerary and trusts me to not make us both bankrupt in the process. And he is a very good sport, almost always willing to try what I have in mind. I love having the freedom to plan my own itinerary depending on my mood, my experience thus far and what/who we’ve seen. And the best part is, my husband shares my philosophy when it comes to travelling. I cannot be more grateful for that. I am almost always very happy planning for our holidays, starting even like 5 months in advance ;p

This blog will serve to document my past, present and future travels so I can reminisce the good old days and to share my experiences with anyone in the world out there who might have stumbled on the lapetitetraveller.

P/s: the ‘lines’ observed in the photos of blue skies are due to me compressing the photos before uploading so that 1) the uploading won’t take forever and 2) I can ration the use of the media storage space. If you would like to see a picture in its full glory, aka before compression, please feel free to drop me a note!

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