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So our flight to Jeju was at 12.25 pm and we took Asiana Airlines. One tip: If you are a Krisflyer member, then you can help to the Asiana’s priority counter to check in. We only realised that on the return flight to Seoul but better late than never. With the priority check-in, the staff also provided us with better seats at the front of the plane and we could have priority boarding.

We left our big suitcase at the Grand Hotel Myeongdong hotel and took our smaller suitcase to Jeju. We took the airport bus to Gimpo and had a light lunch at the airport. There was nothing much at the airport and choices are limited. Simple kimbap can, however, be quite satisfying.


Kimbap for brunch

This view greeted us when the plane was descending into Jeju. Such a pretty sight!


When we landed at Jeju airport, we went to find the Hertz car rental booth. It was supposed to be easy to find but we were at the wrong end of the airport and ended up the local car rental centre which was a short walk from the terminal. Luckily, we figured out the location eventually. So after taking note of our registration, we were told to wait for the shuttle which would bring us to the Hertz car rental.

The queue was short and we got our car quickly. The main concern about the GPS unit in the car is the language. But i figured since I know a bit of Korean, it should be fine. So it was a total relief when the gentleman who showed us the car helped us change the language option to English.

It is very easy to use the GPS. You just need to key in the telephone number of the place that you are heading to and viola, you’ll be on your way.

Driving in Jeju was fine in general. Cars are mainly concentrated in the Jeju City centre but once you drive outwards, there’s significantly lesser cars. I would strongly recommend getting the car insurance with full waiver. If you do not know already, Korea has one of the highest car accidents rates in the world. And I have seen how Seoulites drive, so it’s a relief that people in Jeju do not seem to drive in the same manner, although I wouldn’t say they are still the safest drivers around.

So our accommodation is Jejueco Suites. My sister had stayed there before and it was highly ranked on AirBnB. So we gave it a try.


Huge living space




Kitchen/ Dining area


View from the balcony

The premises are quiet and I really liked the tranquility. If it snowed, I think the setting would be perfect. The downside to the suite is the toilet though. While it is spacious, it is however rather bare and it gets very cold in there. There is heating in the room, complete with heated flooring  (which was very welcome) but it doesn’t make the cold in the bathroom go away. And given that the few days we were in Jeju were really quite cold, we really desired for a warm cosy bathroom.

So because we didn’t have a proper lunch, we were hungry by the time we settled down (around 3plus). So we asked for recommendations for eating places. We were told that Jeju is famous for 2 things 1) seafood 2) black pork meat. We were definitely in the mood for some BBQ so we chose the latter. We got the telephone number for the GPS and made our way there.


Almost empty restaurant with interesting piping


Looks sinful

There’s a minimum order for the black pork belly meat. We didn’t know how big the portion would be so we stuck to the minimum order. Which was sufficient for us.


On its way to being yummilicious food


The meat was so fresh! So good!

We were happy with the meal and decided to take a picture of the signboard when we left.


Childonga with its phone number

So first thing on my list is to catch the sunset at Oedolgae. Prior to the trip, I had compiled the list of phone numbers of the places of interest thinking that it would be easy to navigate with those numbers. Who knew, the numbers that I got from the tourism board brought us to the offices instead of the sights!!!! Luckily, we had wifi and after a short search, managed to find the number to key into the GPS to get us to Oedolgae. Later on, I discovered the numbers of all the sights on the tourist map. I was glad I didn’t have to trawl the internet for the numbers!

By the time we reached Oedolgae, apparently the best place for sunset in Jeju, the sun has started to set. We were late!


Sun setting….

Still, we got a glimpse of the sunset and I must say, Oedolgae is a picturesque place. There was still some light for the husband’s SLR camera to work for us to take some nice pictures. So we lingered around for an hour. However, for some reason, the husband wore only shorts and had no jacket and it was getting quite cold. Being the baggy wife, I had to dissuade him from staying there longer. Oh, one more thing to mention, Oedolgae was one of the places where the famous Korean drama Dae Jang Geum was filmed. There is a standee of the female lead in the area for some photo opportunity.

At this point in time, I had not watched the drama Secret Garden. If I had, I would have make it a point to visit the places where the drama was filmed. I guess that would have to wait till the next time.

So it was close to dinner time and we were not hungry. But I knew we would be hungry later. So we decided to head to a supermarket to check our what we could get.


I believe these are for making drinks, not quite jams for bread


Snacks and drinks


Purchases from the supermarket

We really like supermarket shopping. It’s a huge plus when the Korean supermarkets are full of things which are beautifully packaged. The husband suggested that I should take a study break to Korea and take a marketing course. I think that’s a good suggestion!

Then we headed to Cheonjiyeon Falls. I have read that it’s best to view this waterfall at night.

There’s a lot of parking places and a few restaurants near the entrance to the falls. We had to pay the entrance fee and walk to the falls. It was an easy walk but it seemed like a long walk.


Cheonjiyeon falls with my camera

The illumination does confer some mystique onto the falls. I suppose the falls would look less interesting in daylight.


Cheonjiyeon falls with the husband’s camera


Saw this on our way out of the falls


Interesting street lamps

It was interesting to see the above street lamps because the chinese characters represent double happiness, a character usually used in wedding-related items. I wonder if this character has a different meaning and usage in Korea.

It was getting really quite cold and we headed back to the suite.

While we love good food, we also appreciate instant noodles. And the instant noodles from Korea are really quite nice because the noodles are a lot more springy with a different texture. It made noodles slurping a more pleasurable affair 🙂


Korean instant noodles

And the night ended with me repeatedly muttering “I can’t believe they killed off Glenn” #WalkingDead