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To get over the horrors of the previous day, we decided to stay in the villa. Well, a part of the decision to stay in was also due to the husband’s workaholic nature. He had asked for 3 hours to do some work before he could spend time with me with a peace of mind.

Well, it was a bliss to have nothing to do but bounce around thinking of what to eat and where to go 😉

So when we had time, we had Spa at Anantara Spa. The ambience was very nice and massage was fine. I don’t remember the massage being exceedingly outstanding though.


View at the waiting area


Types of oil available


Treatment room

So at night, we took a taxi to the night market. I love night markets! I enjoy street food – of course, they must be of a certain hygiene standard.

The best part of night markets has to be the variety of street food. We love love love street food! Street food overseas is different from that in SG. Street food in SG is rather unoriginal and the variety is definitely not as vast as that in say, Thailand or Taiwan.

So we had duck noodles soup and pad thai at a stall. Then it was simply wondering around look for snacks and goodies. We ended up with chestnuts, mango sticky rice and rice dumplings.

P1000811 P1000812 P1000814

And when the hot weather got to us, we headed back to the comfort of our cool villa!