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Be forewarned, this is boring post. The good news is, its going to be a short post 🙂

So I’m not going to talk about work at all.

One of my breakfasts at Salem Waterfront Hotel.

The lobby with a nice fireplace:P1000397 Finally, after work, work and work, its time to take the long journey back home.

For memories sake, the day I was due to fly off from Boston, there was a warning about a big snowstorm that’s due in a few hours. This got my colleagues worried and they decided to shave off a couple of hours so that I can check in in time. They were worried about alot of passengers getting stuck at the airport, all eager to change to their flights etc. So I got to the airport earlier and lo and behold, there’s no chaos at the airport.

I’m really glad I’m flying home, just in time for Chinese New Year! Woot!P1000398 To London first, before Singapore as the final stop.P1000399