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So, despite the red interior of the cabin on Virgin Air, I managed to doze off occasionally. Actually it was quite nice to have a colour that is not dull in the cabin. Flight was pretty uneventful. I only remembered being served some pretzels that were amazing!!! I made a mental note to try get them in Boston.

So my company had arranged for a driver to pick me up at the airport. The driver was a very nice guy called Tom. And my ride was a limousine. I had forgotten the limos contribute to why I like USA so much. I love the limo rides! Most comfortable.

So Tom drove me to the Marriott at Copley Place which my company had very nicely sponsored me for a couple of nights stay prior to me heading to the office. Tom told me the hotel is very nicely located as it is linked to a shopping mall and I wouldn’t need to step out of the hotel to get to the mall. Sounds very good to me.

During our ride, Tom introduced himself and we got talking about the history of Boston as we passed by certain landmarks. Despite of a very jet-lagged me, at that very instant, all my memories of what I had learnt during my American History module that I took as as undergrad, came flooding back to me. So when Tom spoke of the Boston Tea Party, I wasn’t clueless. And he pointed out a building which was involved of the revolution but he wasn’t clear why. And here’s where I impressed him. I told him its because someone kept that building lit throughout to guide the revolutionaries. 😀 Oh well, the things that my brain remembers….

The streets of Boston look refined and elegant. Along certain boulevards, the trees were lit up. Made me think of Christmas. I love these little details 🙂


And when we reached the Marriott, Tom helped me check in and told me he would meet me 2 days later to bring me to the hotel in Salem, which is the closest hotel to my office.

I quite like what I saw when I looked out of the windows of my room……


Goodnight Boston!