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Having been to so many places round the world, I must say, I haven’t visited the latest tourist attractions in my own country. The opportunity came up when I bought a package deal for the Singapore Flyer and Garden by the Bay. After being introduced to the world of coupon/ voucher deals, I turned into a coupon shopaholic. I turned a bit out of control in the beginning though now I’m well under control. πŸ˜›

We didn’t have to use the package deal in its entirety. We can go to the attractions on different days. However, one restriction was we could only board the flyer before 6pm. So we went in the afternoon.

After the entrance of the flyer, there’s an exhibition called Journey of Dreams. Its purpose is mainly to showcase the construction and architecturing breakthroughs of the flyer, but of course!

We passed by the Journey of dreams exhibits quickly.

There was a queue for the flyer but it moved quickly.

View of the Esplanade

Lots of tour coaches

Race tracks

The floating platform

It was nice to see part of Singapore in front of us. However, the entire experience could be made more pleasant. It would be nice to have a tv of some sort that explains a bit about what exactly the views in front of the flyer are. It would give the tourists some idea of what they are seeing, no? Or there could be some really nice classical melody playing in the background.

We then decided to go to the National Museum, as there was free entry for the month! πŸ˜›

The first exhibit we entered was an exhibit showing the history of local food.
Tiffin used to be very popular for workers to save some money and bring food from home to work. Nowadays, its making some sort of a comeback, as working couples now have no time to make dinner after work. I’m glad I don’t have to eat out of tiffin for dinner πŸ™‚


I love local food!!

I don’t remember ever having Tok Tok Mee before πŸ˜•

Traditional Ice shaver for making ice kacang – we don’t see these anymore

Moulds for making traditional kuehs

These were bus tickets used a longggggg time ago. The bus conductor would make a hole using the puncher indicating ticket has been paid or checked. Can’t rem


Our language in Singapore

Another exhibit on was the wedding dress exhibit.

Wedding dresses from the past

Super long train

The last exhibit we went to was Gold Rush, with lots of gold exhibits of course!

And that was it for re-discovering Singapore!