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This is getting repetitive but the weather was again freezing cold! The husband woke up not feeling too good and I had to run down to the pharmacy to get some anti-congestants and paracetamol. 😦

One of the main highlight of today was to be lunch at Le Cinq. I had already made reservations and had even brought an attire for the meal! But Nick was really not up for it and we had to cancel. 😥 I was really looking forward to Le Cinq but it was just not meant to be 😦

Towards noon, the husband took pity on me and decided we could do some shopping. To obtain shelter from the chilly wind, I decided we should go to Printemps since we haven’t been there yet.

Printemps is distinctly different from Galeries Lafayette. The most obvious distinction is the lack of crowd at Printemps! 😮 It was great to walk around in departmental stores without the crowd that throngs Lafayette. Printemps is also more organised than Lafayette.

We walked out of Printemps and started wandering around and randomly entered boutiques along our way.

Some of the best shopping experiences could be had at the luxury boutiques in Paris! And the best one we had this year was at Hermés, the one near Champs Elysees.

We entered Hermés and I proceeded to the scarf counter where a middle age sales assistant stood. “Bonjour Monsieur. Parlez vous anglais?”. He looked up and said “Of course Madame.” I showed him the picture of the scarf I got from the website and asked him if they have it in store. And then he looked at me and said very earnestly, “Ohhhh Madame, you are very lucky. We have it in the store. In fact, it arrived just two hours ago. So very lucky Madame.” Oh boy, he said that all the while looking at me in my eyes and I couldn’t look away. The way the Monsieur said these words made me felt was as if I was the luckiest person on the planet.

Such sales technique definitely helped! Since, but of course, the luckiest person must then walk out of the boutique with the prized scarf in hands. 🙄 With eyes longingly at the window display.