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The plan today was to do a bit of shopping and then some sightseeing. My plans for sightseeing in Paris this year included Saint Chapelle, St Sulpice, Musee d’Orsay, Sacre Coeur and maybe the Pantheon. My friend had asked how long were we staying in Paris for, I told her 7 nights. And she said ‘That’s very long’. Well, in retrospect, 7 nights were too short! Let’s see, we reached Paris in the evening and would depart in the morning. So that’s 2 days gone. And it turned out that we were to spend almost 3 full days at Roland Garros. So, that’s 2+3=5 days gone. And for the remaining 3 days, one day was to be spent in Versailles. So effectively, we had only two days in Paris! 😯 That’s definitely not enough!! πŸ˜• So my sightseeing plan was very very ambitious, no?

Anyway, we decided to get the shopping out of the way first. So where do we go? Galeries Lafayette was the obvious choice!! πŸ˜›
As we took the metro, we entered Galeries Lafayette through the basement. One of the first things our eyes fell upon was macarons from Pierre Hermes. So of course we had to get them! We asked the saleslady to please recommend some macarons. And she kindly did, informing which ones are the popular ones. I’ve had macarons in Singapore before but I didn’t like them. Hence it took me till this second trip to France to finally try them. And wow! I have had things called macarons before and I knew then that what I ever had was not the real thing!

The macarons were so full of flavours! And not overly sweet. πŸ˜€

So the husband had decided he would get a pair of leather shoes in Paris, so I thought that we could head there first, to get his shopping of the way first, since my shopping list was akin to a bottomless pit. 😳 😳 😳
The men’s section for shoes is really big compared to what we have in Singapore. Singaporean men are very marginalised in the shopping scene back home. I love the wide selection of men’s shoes available in Lafayette, even though none fits me. πŸ˜› Of course, all the shoes in this section are of a reputable brand and hence a high price tag comes along with it.

Everything catering to men’s fashion is found in a building separate from the main building. So men’s leather goods, shoes, clothes and whatnots are all found there.
Very quickly, we got hungry and we went in search of food.
We passed by the supermarket and contemplated getting some food from there. But the food would be cold and we didn’t quite fancy microwaved food.

I knew that there’s some kind of a food court in Galeries Lafayette, so we decided to go find it. But it eluded us and when we saw the signage for the cafe at the rooftop, we headed in that direction. We were surprised with the views from the rooftop! There’s a fair number of people on the rooftop and some were even lounging on the chairs provided for! Ah, that’s Paris. πŸ™‚

Tour Eiffel in the horizon

That’s the Opera

When we had our fill of the sights of the city, we continued in the hunt for food. By pure coincidence, we stumbled into the food court at Lafayette! πŸ˜€
The system of the food court is similar to that in IKEA Singapore (maybe worldwide? πŸ˜• ). One just loads up the tray with ordered food or food chosen and pay at the counter. Surprisingly, although the food court was crowded, with it being lunchtime, we managed to find an empty table easily.

Pasta for carbo loading

Grilled salmon


The food wasn’t too bad. Not gourmet food but nice enough for us to finish it all. And I was most surprised by the availability of water for free! So we were recharged to continue our shopping. What about sightseeing though??? πŸ˜• While we were eating, we had decided there’s too much for us to shop. We can’t do Lafayette in just 3 hours, right? Besides, the husband was really enjoying the variety of things in Lafayette. No reason for me to deny the shopaholic in him that was rearing to go. None at all.

Anyway, the aim of the trip was to enjoy ourselves, not to stress ourselves out on the number of attractions we have not been to! So fully recharged, the shopaholics took Lafayette by storm.

One of my must buys included L’Occitane products. I love love love L’Occitane! At the L’Occitane section, I vaguely remembered we managed to get a 10% discount last year. But I couldn’t remember how I had gotten it. :ekes: Anyway after I had what I wanted, I headed to the counter. I asked the lady on the discount for tourists and she said we have to get a special card which entitles one to discount. But she couldn’t give more information on how to get that card and could only shrug her shoulders. This was my sole displeasure with customer service in France. Otherwise, generally, most French are very helpful.

Later when we passed by the customer service desk, I decided to check with the staff. The lady said we would need to get some card from our hotel which we would then exchange for a discount card. But we weren’t staying in a hotel! Then suddenly, I remembered about the Paris Visite pass. We had used that last year to get the discount voucher!! And the lady verified a Paris Visite pass would get us the discount. One problem though, we had decided not to get the Paris Visite pass this year as it wasn’t quite worth the money. But shopaholics know how important discounts are right?!?!?! So we headed to the metro to buy a one-day pass. πŸ˜›

So we shopped and shopped in a beautiful mall!

So, all in all, got some shopping done. But who knows what we might chance upon the next day. πŸ˜†