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For some reason, totally unfathomable to me (even till now!), I had decided that we should go to DisneyLand Paris! Till now, I so regret this trip! This day could have been better spent in Paris! 🙄

I had purchased tickets online for this day, 1 week after the end of RG. So we took the RER to DisneyLand rather early in the morning about 8-9 plus. When we reached the station, we could see the huge, and I mean HUGE, crowd from the station. That should have been a warning sign that it was not going to be a pleasant day! Being very savvy travellers, we bought return train tickets to Paris first.

So we headed to the main entrance. For a moment I thought the park was not opened yet as there’s really an enormous crowd at the entrance. It turned out that there were security checks which impeded the rate of entry. Well, i’m all for security checks!

After we got through the gates, there was hope that the park wasn’t going to get that crowded after all since the crowd dispersed once past the entrance. 😐

And as we walked further into the park, I saw this.

And I remembered why I wanted to go to DisneyLand Paris. Because of this:

Silly me, I just wanted to see this castle where Rafa had taken photos at after his victory at Roland Garros in 2010 🙄
And I was about 1 week late, as Rafa returned to Disneyland this very year after his win for a photoshoot again. I didn’t think that he would return to DisneyLand for the victory photoshoot again in 2011. Hence that was why I had bought tickets for 1 week after the championships. *Just not meant to be*.

Heh, I forgot there’s these kind of parades. All in good fun…..for the kids. 😛

So we weren’t really sure where to start with, so I reckoned this was a good starting point.

We were really feeling out of our element as there was so many kids around. We are definitely too old for DisneyLand 😦 Plus there were long long queues everywhere!!
So we came upon this. Well, we are both familiar with Pinocchio, so why not?

What can be seen on the walls. This was without flash.

And with flash.

And the ride was…. interesting. If I were a kid, I would have loved the ride and asked for another turn on it. But am not a kid anymore.

Moving on….

He’s a cool dude!

So we ended up in pirates’ land!

And then we chose the Indiana Jones ride to end our trip. Main reason why it was chosen was because it was stated as one of the more adult-ish/ exciting ride.

Boy, one really shouldn’t judge a ride by its facade. In the queue, the roller coaster ride looked pretty harmless. We could see the height of the roller coaster, and it sure looked like it can’t be compared to any ride in Universal Studios. BUT somewhere hidden from view, the ride has a 360 turn!! It wasn’t a very big loop but it was exciting enough for me. 😛

With that, we decided to just get away from the crowd and decided to go to the La Vallee outlet for some shopping. The outlets are in the vicinity of the theme park and we took a taxi there after realising we had no idea whatsoever on how to go there. On the internet, some had said it was walking distance. Am I glad we didn’t attempt that as it was certainly a very long walking distance in our opinion.

It wasn’t very crowded at the outlets and there’s some brand name stores. We didn’t see anything that caught our eyes, not that we tried very hard, mind you. But there’s a Samsonite store and we got a big luggage to replace the one we had bought along from Singapore as it didn’t seem as though it would last any longer. Happy with the buy!

And we took the shuttle service to the train station and headed back to Paris. So, based on this experience, its gonna be hard to convince us to go to any other DisneyLands, maybe with the exception of DisneyWorld in Florida? Its said, one can spend up to a week there as its huge. Then again, it could be the queues in there that requires a one week stay. 😐