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So we had an early afternoon train back to Paris. Since we still had not been to the most famous attraction of Avignon, we had designated this morning just for the Palais des Papes.

Well, over the past day and night, we have seen the imposing structure of the Palais. And we kinda liked what we had seen. 😛

So we got tickets and paid for the audioguide. Audioguides are very useful tools. They contain all the information in many different languages. More importantly, the audioguide is programmed such that you can choose what information you want to hear. I quite like audioguides; they are the tour guides who give me information without restricting the amount of time I could spend at a location.

The thing about the Palais des Papes is that it was the residence for popes, for a certain period in history, when the popes left Rome and arrived at Avignon. I remember reading something in the tourist guidebook about the Palais being the biggest Roman palace outside of Rome (something along that line).
So a miniature model to start the tour.

To be honest, the interior wasn’t that fascinating. It was a bit empty and had nothing much that held our interest. 😳

We were more thrilled to see the facade of the palais. The backdrop of the deep blue sky made for a very nice backdrop!

Entering another ’empty space’ after a glimpse of the exterior from a corridor.

what was fascinating inside the palais was the light streaming in through the windows!

And its odd as to why flowers were placed behind bars 😯

I think we just wanted to get outside! 😛

And then we moved into another room whereby there were portraits of the popes who had resided at the palais.

And then we got out! Onto the top of the palais!

We enjoyed the views from the top a lot! 🙂

And back into the interior we went for descending to ground level.

And upon exit we saw a lovely entrance!

And a nice ice cream to end the trip in Avignon.

And we headed back to Paris with no drama on the TGV. 🙂
This time round, we rented an apartment in the middle of the city for convenience’s sake. But this apartment was not as cosy as the apartment we had in the 16th. It was on ground floor and freezing cold!!! The water heater worked on and off and I had wished that we were still staying in the 16th! And we had to climb the ladder on the right to get into bed. That was a bit fun but could be a bit of a hassle. Oh well, at least I know now one apartment not to stay in Paris the next time round. 😉

I really like Provence a lot! Was a bit sad to leave but was happy to return to Paris! 🙂