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So, the day for the day was to go to Las Baux, St Remy’s and head back to Rousillon. We had to return the car by 6pm so we had to keep to time to avoid problems when returning the car.

We decided to skip the breakfast at the hotel and wandered around the streets and got ourselves some pain au chocolat! 😀 Yummy warm pain au chocolats are the best way to start the day!
And we got some pastry to tide us along for the day. 😎

On our way to Les Baux, we could see it from a distance.

We saw this and stopped to check it out. But it turned out to be nothing.

Perhaps once an attraction, but there’s nothing here.

And then we carried on with our destination in mind. But we just gotta stop every now and then for the views.

And finally we reached Les Baux. We parked at the car at a small car park below the village and started the short but steep hike to the village.

Its a very pretty village. From the entrance of Les Baux, there’s several paths one could take. We took one of the path on the side and the crowd disappeared behind from us. As Les Baux is on higher ground, it was rather windy and a bit chilly.

Somewhere around, there’s a sanitised toilet. One has to follow the exact instructions near the toilet. The toilet has be to sanitised after each use. If one doesn’t allow the sanitation to occur and insists on entering the toilet, I think one will be washed together with the toilet.
And we chanced upon a small chapel.

Lots of souvenir shops around!

More lavender as souvenirs?

And we came upon this signage, which means we have to go and take a look, no?

At the entrance, these models tell us what to expect?

Hmm, i think those models tell us what the original chateau is cos I think what we saw were the ruins. 😮
What we see upon entering the chateau.
Some photography exhibit around.

Nice views around! 🙂

And it was a joy to see lavender plants around! 🙂 🙂 🙂

An ancient catapult, which we have only seen in the movies. There was supposed to be some demonstration to be held in English. However, we heard only French and didn’t stay to watch the demonstration in its entirety.

Once upon a time, it was a windmill.

We could enter the windmill and view the sky from within. One must always see things from different perspectives.

Views of Provence

A place with a pool! How lovely it must be to have a pool in such surroundings.

Another ancient battlefield tool:

And more lavender for us! 🙂 The ones here were darker in colour and hence prettier!

Hardworking insects at work!

Off to see the rest of the chateau!

I think this was where they used to punish the wrongdoers. Heh.

We continued walking around, with the aim of climbing up to the top.

And this, to me, seemed like the staircase to heaven.

This is a window for the soul.

We took an unexpected long time at Les Baux, braving the strong winds at the chateau. 😉
It was about 2pm by the time we left Les Baux. Hmmm, we had to return the car by 6pm!
By the time we reached St Remy’s, we needed to just hurry a bit!
My aim in St Remy’s was to trace Van Gogh’s route. I had wanted to go and see the field where Van Gogh had drawn the sunflowers. But we didn’t know where to start and were kind of disorientated even though we had the tourist map from the tourist office. Somehow we didn’t ask the staff at the tourist office where exactly to head to start the route.
So we went to the centre of the town and came across the house of Nostradamus (the famous prophet). However, his house is not open to the public.

And after some photos in front of the car park area, we headed back towards Avignon.

When we were reaching Avignon, it was about 5.15pm. We had another 40 minutes or so before we had to return the car. So we decided to take a quick tour of Villeneuve-les-Avignon as we saw some lovely structures from Avignon the day before.
This is Tour Philippe. We didn’t know what it has to offer but we decided to pay the fee to go up the tower to see the views from it.

Pretty view from the tower:

There wasn’t any need to linger around the tower and we decided to drive further into the town. We chanced upon a library of some sort, I think.

And I really want to come back here another time, cos its so pretty! This is Fort St Andre.

And we had to leave and return the car. 😦 That’s about it for our exploration of the region. And what a beautiful region it is!
After returning the car, we figured out how to take the bus back to Avignon. That sure took a while. 🙄
And we were hungry!! And taking the lead from Tripadvisor, we headed to Au Tout Petit. We had no reservations but we were the first to arrive for dinner and we managed to get a table. 😀
Simple yet classy decor in the restaurant.

We both had the prix fixe menu.
For appetiser, I was contemplating beef tartare until the waiter told me tartare means rare. Oops, I’m not game for rare beef.
So I had salmon tartare and Nick had the ummm, something (can’t rem what he had 🙄 ).
The salmon tartare is underneath the pile of vegetables. It was SO GOOD!!! I swear, when we return to Avignon in June 2012, we are heading there again! I’ve had many raw salmon in my life, including huge salmon sashimi slices in Japan. Well, those in Japan are the best, and those in Au Tout Petit comes a very close second! So good! Nick’s starters were not too bad, just that the salmon tartare took my breathe away!

And for mains, I decided to have some pork cheek and Nick decided to go healthy with a fish.
The pork cheek was alright though Nick said he preferred the one from L’epices & Love. The fish that Nick ordered was DELICIOUS! It was so good I had to refrain myself from snatching his plate of fish from him. It was really very good. So we decided that if we were to go to Avignon again, we would come back to Au Tout Petit for a meal! (And we will, in June 2012!) 😛
I liked the rice. Its chewy!

The fish dish to die for

And a dessert to share. A bit sad that we didn’t manage to find really great desserts in France in 2011.

We were so satisfied with this meal!! Delightful and unforgettable! 🙂
As we walked back to the hotel, we saw this:

So we decided to go night-shooting. We were prepared for night-shooting and had even brought along a tripod for the trip.
How different the buildings look at night! And how pretty too!
Images obtained before the sky turned completely dark:

And when the sky turned dark, the lights shine!

And my favourite shop from which I have not bought anything from….yet. 😉

And I went to sleep with this image in my mind: