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Last night, I watched an episode of Samantha Brown’s Passport to Latin America. I love watching Samantha Brown! Such a fun and humorous host! So she was in Patagonia, Chile, the sounthern most point on earth. That tag by itself earns some serious bragging rights! 😆
She got close to some penguins!! Did I not mention I love animals?!?! And she held in her hand two HUGE crabs! Really monstrous in size! Anyway, Patagonia looks really interesting! Esp with the Andes nearby.

So I went to google Patagonia, Chile. And got this picture. Wow! I know it might be heavily photoshopped but wow! Seems like there’s amazing landscape there to be seen! Ice fields, glaciers, Andes, wildlife, fjords, and the list goes on!

I wanna go to Patagonia!!!!