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So gotta get some glucose before heading to the conference.

Croissant, hotdog and ham 🙂

Off to conference. Was too lazy to head to anywhere during lunch break, hence I headed back to lunch at the restaurant in the hotel. Hmmm, I decided to have some pasta for lunch (did I mention the only restaurant at the hotel is an Italian one? And I’m not quite fond of italian food. 😯 )
And I was so pleasantly surprised by this:

It was such a refreshing dish of pasta!! Simple taste yet it kept me wanting for more!! I love it! 😀

So after the conference ended for the day, I headed to the Lego Museum! Although my husband is a lego enthusiast, even the offer of a trip to the LEgo museum couldn’t tempt him to Prague. 😐 Anyway, I offered to go on his behalf; I was curious myself.
To get to the museum, gotta take the metro. Pretty advance looking station huh?

This museum is actually a private museum, showcasing the private collection of a Lego enthusiast! Now, that’s what I call a true enthusiast! 😉
With this being a private museum, the collection is indeed very impressive.

Will just let the pictures speak for themselves.

I like this car!

Still in the first room.

Love anything with dogs 🙂

Moving into another room.

Taj Mahal - everyone knows this of course!

The lego version of Taj Mahal is really pretty. If it were on sale, I would have bought it.

Another room. But I’m not quite sure what series these belong to…I’m grouping them under Star Wars.

This is Star Wars for sure…

I was still awed by the first room and walked back to it to take just another look. The museum wasn’t closing, just that the lights are the control of motion sensors.

There’s this lego man at the end of the museum, at the area where kids are allowed to finally touch some lego and do whatever they want with it. 😮

And a souvenir for the husband. An eco-friendly torchlight. I had thought Lego would be cheaper in Prague because there’s a Lego factory in Czech but when I went home, and went shopping, saw the same model on sale for a much lower price! 😯 Well, the model on sale at home is blue and I’ve got the classic yellow one, so it ain’t too bad. 😳

And with that I went back to the hotel, looking forward to another nice dinner from the Italian restaurant. There’s nothing like a delicious salad! 😛