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First stop was to Sun Moon Lake. I do not recommend this trip at all! Didn’t enjoy it at all. The only nice part of the Sun Moon Lake would be the WenWu Temple. But I was totally out of it since I got a little seasick while on the boat during the boring trip of SML. 🙄

View of the temple and lake

Luckily, CingJing more than made up for the lousy trip to Sun Moon Lake. 😀 Very cold day in Taiwan, with the mild cold snap going on. It was probably a low single digit temperature at CingJing which is above sea level.

Most heartlifting to reach CingJing

Food pellets are available for sale so the sheep would be fed. :mrgreen:

Will work for food

Love this photo we took!

Simply beautiful

Walking along, sheep were grazing on the sloping field. I’ve never seen this before and was quite impressed with the sheep. They continue eating without a care in the world, except for the food, of course! 😛

Sheep eating on a slope

Newly shorn sheep, hope it wasn't feeling too cold

Cute ponies!

We decided to climb to one of the highest points to take in the scenery. Thankfully the weather was real cooling. I can’t imagine how hot it would be in summer, with all the walking required. This is why I love winter and spring! When we reached the top, we went, my, what a view! 😮

Just like a chinese painting

See the sun trying to peek through?

Transported to Holland for 3o mins

Things around CingJing start to wind down at 5pm. We headed downhill and luckily for us, one fruit stall was still opened. And we got a naturally chilled bigger than big pear, which was peeled and sliced! Yumminess!!

Again, it was dark when we reached TaiChung. On the way there, I made reservation at Tripod King, which was again highly recommended by my colleague. Apparently, reservations have to be made one month in advance! But I got lucky in one of the outlets and managed to nail a reservation at 7.30pm and we arrived just in time! 😎
So Tripod King is named after the type of hotpot they use.

Tripod King's tripod

So, its a ala-carte style steamboat and the ingredients are really really fresh! But, tastewise, somehow this wasn’t quite what we are accustomed to in Singapore. So while meat et al was fresh, it wasn’t a very memorable meal for us, though the hot pot did give us some reprieve from the cold. 😐

Part of the meal

And we headed back to the love motel we stayed the night before. One thing to note about these motels, since the core of the business is for rendezvous, if you are staying for 2 nights, you will have to check out the next morning, leave your luggage with the reception, and then check in again after 6 pm (on weekdays; 9pm on weekends). But not to worry, the rooms are all thoroughly cleaned after each use. And we get to stay in different room styles each night. 😉

New York style

Shanghai style

Another big bathroom